CIPFA welcomes £50m to support councils' Brexit plans - but certainty more important


CIPFA today acknowledged the additional funding being provided to councils for Brexit preparations, announced by MHCLG yesterday evening.

Julia Goldsworthy, Chair of CIPFA’s Brexit Advisory Commission for Public Services, said:

“This funding announcement is welcome recognition of local government’s front line role in managing a disrupted exit from the EU. Resource far outweighing that committed yesterday has already been spent by local authorities in preparation - but what would be the greatest help to them now is certainty on the terms and timing of exit.”

CIPFA CEO, Rob Whiteman, said:

“While any additional funds are welcome, without any certainty around what form Brexit will take, let alone the medium to long term funding of local authorities, making preparations will be near impossible. These additional resources have come just two months before the conclusion of Article 50, and local government remains in the dark about their future arrangements with the EU.

“Brexit revealed a stark divide in the UK, and the greatest tool in addressing these issues, devolution, has barely moved forward. Local authorities should have significant powers around key economic levers such as transport, education, training and skills, housing and culture, alongside freedom to develop local strategies for investing regional development funds – aligned with the government’s industrial strategy.

“Simple cash injections are not enough. They are not enough to address the funding shortfalls in adult and child social care, as seen across local government, let alone Brexit. Whatever the eventual outcome of the referendum is, what the government should be focusing on is building an empowered, confident and respected local government, able to determine their own economic future – that is the only way forward.”


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