CIPFA comment: Government response to Redmond Review


Following the government's response to the Redmond Review published today, CIPFA Associate Director Andy Burns said:

“We welcome the government’s commitment to work closely with CIPFA and its partners to strengthen local audit in relation to sector-specific training and the simplification of accounts. We also look forward to supporting consultation with stakeholders on the development of a standardised statement of service costs.

“The government’s response has also recognised the need for the proposed changes to be funded. The allocation of £15m will go some way towards the anticipated increase in auditor fees and financing new reporting requirements.

“However, today’s response largely kicks the can down the road on one of the most pressing concerns for the sector – the absence of strong system leadership. We believe that the implementation of OLAR can strengthen system leadership of local audit, enhance accountability, and improve assurance without recreating the bureaucracy of the Audit Commission.

“We will continue to advocate for this with government as they explore options in the new year.”


Notes to Editors:
  • The full government response to the Redmond Review can be found here.

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