Press Release: CIPFA Today Publishes Business Plan 2024-26


CIPFA is the home of excellence in public finance. We exist to ensure public money is well spent and well managed for the benefit of us all. This plan sets out how we’ll deliver against that purpose over the coming years as we grow, increase our impact and strengthen the support to our membership.

Our activity in this Plan is shaped around three core pillars, which represent the breadth of our Institute. This activity will drive us to deliver our purpose and achieve our vision for public money and public services.

  1. We will be bold and say what we think, we will speak truth to power and we will shape the debate on public services and public finance.
  2. We will develop our students, our members and the global public finance community to provide the right lifelong skills, expertise and knowledge.
  3. We will work with organisations to provide solutions to public finance challenges.

Rob Whiteman, CIPFA CEO, said:

"The beating heart of the Institute is its membership, and while we’re proud of our depth and breadth, central to our purpose is a membership body which supports students across our qualifications to designation and membership, and supports those members in their careers, their learning and, above all else, in achieving their own aspirations.

"This is my final business plan as CEO, and I am incredibly proud – after ten years’ collective hard work from the team – to leave CIPFA safer, stronger and on solid foundations from which to grow."

Notes to editor

Download the Business Plan 2024-2026.

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