CIPFA comment: White paper on health and social care integration


Dr Eleanor Roy, CIPFA Health and Social Care Policy Manager, said: "Many of the ambitions contained in the White Paper are not new or particularly detailed, but they may help address some of the gaps left in the Health and Care Bill.

"Given our previous call for clarity on the overall intention of integration, the proposal for a framework of both national and local shared outcomes is welcome. However, this will only be meaningful if progress towards clear outcomes is evaluated in a robust and transparent way.

"Governance, accountability and financial frameworks are essential elements of sound public financial management, so we welcome the commitment to further guidance. However, local variation means one size does not fit all, so the proposal to add another level of place-based boards may add complexity to the already crowded landscape of the integrated care boards, partnerships and health and wellbeing boards. This could prove to be a board too far.

"The commitment to reviewing arrangements for aligning and pooling budgets presents an opportunity to achieve the greatest impact and value for the place-based public pound.

"Overall, it is difficult to determine how this White Paper fits into the increasingly complex plans for wider recovery and reform across health and care. It's encouraging to see that prevention is a recurring key theme, but again crucial funding for preventative investment and existing pressures in social care are missing. Without this it is difficult to see how all these ambitions can be realised."

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