CIPFA-HFMA training update


CIPFA has decided not to bid to renew our contract with HFMA for the delivery of Professional Accountancy training for the West Midlands, South West and South Central areas for 2017 to 2020. CIPFA won the previous contract and after a shaky start, which coincided with our introduction of online examinations, we have been very pleased to provide training through the HFMA contracts to a great set of students with strong public sector ethos.

We have been pleased by student performance and reaction to the relevance of CIPFA training; and we will of course be maintaining our provision for the current cohorts of students, enhancing their programme with the new CIPFA Education and Training Centre (CETC) online blended learning to enable them to complete the only accountancy qualification with significant public sector content.

Our decision in no way diminishes CIPFA's strong commitment to the NHS and continued work with the four UK national graduate schemes, local clients, FSD Boards and other work with HFMA as a valued partner.

And we wish the future provider and students well for the HFMA FSD schemes.

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