How to get the most out of your CIPFAstats subscription


by N Burrell, Marketing Exec, Research and Analytics, CIPFA

We are now four months into the CIPFAstats subscription year and we hope you are benefiting from managing your resources more effectively. Here's a reminder of how to make the most of your CIPFAstats subscription tools. 

CIPFAstats publications/tools available

A list of publications that are included in the full-internet CIPFAstats package, and access to them, can be found here.

This includes the latest statistics as well as previous years’ datasets on Microsoft Excel going back to 2001, and in some areas PDFs of stats going back to the 1970s. You can also access the historical datasets which include those surveys that are not current. There are 24 current surveys that cover the broad spectrum of local government including children’s services, environmental services, general finance, public libraries, police, RO/RA statistics etc.

The final stats are shown in easy-to-download Excel spreadsheets and you can use our interactive reports that support each publication. New instructional videos for CIPFAstats show you how to use the Interactive Reports and Nearest Neighbours Model. Starter guides can also be found here.

New for 2018/19 – available to full-internet subscribers

  • A complete revamp of the Nearest Neighbours Model, containing a number of new innovative features including interactive graphical outputs and updated data-sets (an email shall be sent to you shortly about this).
  • A new Excel ‘five-year trends’ tool is available across all CIPFAstats datasets and indicators, enabling instant access to trend data – available on

For full-internet subscribers, we will also include the following comparative profiles free of charge:

  • Local Authority Expenditure (RO)
  • Local Authority Budgets (RA)
  • Accuracy of Financial Forecasting

Not a CIPFAstats subscriber?

If you would like more information or to see a demo, please contact team leader James Martin.

Webchat is available Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 (excluding UK bank holidays).