United Against Corruption – CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre backs International Anti-Corruption Day 2016


The CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre is joining forces with organisations all over the globe to lend its voice in support of International Anti-Corruption Day on Friday 9 December 2016. This year’s theme touches on unity – united against corruption for development, peace and security.

Why is this important?

Put simply, unity is an effective barrier to corruption and by working together to help stop corruption, many private and public sector organisations will benefit.  

The UN states that "every year $1trn is paid in bribes while an estimated $2.6trn is stolen annually through corruption – a sum equivalent to more than 5% of the global GDP. In developing countries, according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), funds lost to corruption are estimated at ten times the amount of official development assistance". This is where awareness raising campaigns play a pivotal role, as by drawing attention to the scale and nature of corruption it helps to bring the subject to the forefront of attention.

The purpose of the 2016 campaign is to highlight corruption as one of the main obstacles to achieving sustainable development goals, particularly in developing countries. As the UN’s campaign points out "no country, region or community is immune".

It’s important to remember that while developing countries may be hardest hit, corruption isn’t limited to these countries. Campaigners also warn that corruption "leads to weak governance, which in turn can fuel organised criminal networks and promote crimes such as human trafficking, arms and migrant smuggling, counterfeiting and the trade in endangered species".

A thorough approach is needed when confronting corruption. It is essential for the public sector to educate and inform their workforce, the public and other governing bodies of the importance of preventing corruption, how to recognise it, and then how to address corrupt behaviours. These require co-operation and transparency to be effective.

But action is also required. At the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre we offer a number of specialist qualifications for the public sector.

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