Police Sector Newsletter- August 2019


Amie Hall, Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing (AFEP) Programme Manager

Welcome to the first issue!

I want to personally welcome all Police Sector and AFEP programme members to the first edition of our quarterly Police Sector Newsletter. The aim is to keep our valued members informed of the latest concerns affecting the police sector in terms of financial management, sustainability, good governance, strategy, leadership and best practice.

This newsletter will report and discuss all the issues that have the potential to impact how forces plan for the future, and will include a brief overview of AFEP activities and events.

If you have any questions, please email me or Alison Dewhirst. If you have any suggestions regarding the topics and issues you’d like us to cover, let us know. We hope you enjoy the read!

CIPFA Rob Whiteman – CEO

Watch Rob Whiteman’s response to the recent announcement of 20,000 new police officers | Find out why CIPFA would welcome multi-year settlements and supports the case for a police allocation formula review.

Police and Fire Networks

Upcoming Police and Fire network events dates – The network is holding two events on Finance and Accounting developments for Police and Fire Services on 1 October and 2 October. The events will focus on the latest hot topics in police finance, technical accounting developments, CIPFA’s FM Code and the Redmond Review.

We will also be examining the financial implications of the PM’s announcement for an additional 20,000 officers to be recruited over the next three years.

Click to view the full event planner, which includes Financial Advisory Network (FAN) events.  

You will need your MyCIPFA login or to register for a login to access the CIPFA Police and Fire Horizon Scanning briefing. These informative papers include government bills, secondary legislation and signposts announcements, policing and fire and rescue reports, service developments and strategic policing news.

This latest document includes the following updates, and much more: 

  • chief inspector’s report on the state of policing 2018 
  • frontline policing review reports published 
  • actuarial valuation of police pension schemes 
  • independent review of local audit and financial reporting announced 
  • CIPFA consultation on the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the UK 2020/21. 

Testimonial | Neil Chamberlain

Neil Chamberlain, Director of Commercial Services at West Midlands Police, highlights the different ways that CIPFA has supported his organisation and comments on the fantastic networking opportunities that CIPFA’s training sessions provide. Click to view.

Case study | National Police Estates Group (NPEG)

James Payne, Chief Executive Officer at the office of the police and crime commissioners for Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton, spoke at CIPFA’s CFO retreat about how forces throughout the UK saved £20m | Find out how CIPFA’s NPEG benchmarking exercise supported those savings. Read more.

2019 August to October events timetable

The AFEP programme license spans a two year period. Click here to view a comprehensive list of programme leadership academies, workshops, CFO retreat, network events, sub-groups and programme governance information.

At a glance upcoming AFEP event and academy dates:

  • CFO Senior Leader Academy 1   12 Sept | 17 Oct | 18 Oct 
  • CFO Senior Leader Academy 2    29 Aug | 10 Oct | 30 Aug | 12 Sept | 11 Oct 
  • Future Leaders Academy 1  16 Sept | 14 Oct 
  • Future Leaders Academy 2  4 Oct
Sub-group meeting dates for the individual streams and programme governance dates can be viewed here.

TISonline | Police and Fire 

The Police and Fire information stream provides an overview of the organisation and financial management of the police service and fire and rescue service. 

Access to TISonline Police and Fire stream, which has been designed to support finance professionals, address legislative concerns | income generation | pension schemes | value for money and much more. 

A current subscription and MyCIPFA login is required to access the numerous police information streams reports that reside under 7 key topics. Police and Fire organisations that wish to subscribe to TISonline can find more information here.

Please note - AFEP full licence holders have access to TIS within their current subscription.

Publications | Police sector

The following police sector specific publications are available to order Treasury Management in the Public Services: Guidance Notes for Local Authorities includes Police and Fire Authorities (2018) Hard and soft copy versions available. Find out more.

Audit Committees: Practical Guidance for Local Authorities and Police (2018 Edition) Find out more

Delivering Good Governance: Guidance Notes for Policing Bodies in England and Wales (2016 Edition) Find out more.

AFEP members have full access to the articles and timetable introduced below, in addition to many other useful items and collateral in the AFEP Resource Hub via login here

Northamptonshire story – The council that failed

Brian Roberts, Finance Commissioner for Northamptonshire County Council, describes what went wrong in Northamptonshire and shares lessons from that experience. Read more.

Aiming for the top – Give your career that final boost

CIPFA’s CFO Leadership Academy has put hundreds of senior public sector professionals through their paces, helping them get ready for top-table jobs. Senior consultant Brendan McCarron explains how the process works. Read more.

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