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by Daniel Wake, Senior Researcher

At CIPFA we are always looking to find ways to improve our products and services. We feel that the best way to do this is to gain feedback from our clients/stakeholders, which we collect over the phone, on paper, or via online surveys. We collect feedback on a variety of services, including our conferences, events, webinars and training courses.

Collecting and interpreting feedback can be quite challenging, particularly when there are myriad topics such as a course’s venue, trainer, content, organisation and administration. Our research team has developed a thorough understanding of the processes our colleagues employ in recording all this information, such that client/stakeholder feedback is now collected and analysed in a logical way. The team has also invested heavily in various forms of technology to enable these consultations to run efficiently.

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This research has proved to be invaluable to CIPFA; not just in terms of the insight but also at the rate at which we capture feedback and then produce the reports. If your organisation would like any help collecting and analysing client/stakeholder feedback, please contact research@cipfa.org.

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