Continuing Professional Development

Qualified CIPFA members must participate in CIPFA’s continuing professional development (CPD) scheme. You can access all submissions, advice and resources by logging in and choosing 'My CPD'. Guidance notes on CPD are available to download.

The CIPFA CPD Scheme

CPD Guidelines

CIPFA's CPD is flexible

It caters for CIPFA members who work inside and outside mainstream accountancy and audit roles.

CPD year and cycle

CIPFA members select their CPD year. The year can be based on a calendar, financial or appraisal year and a three-year CPD cycle.

CPD hours

CIPFA members must complete 120 hours of CPD activities over three years with a minimum of 20 hours in any one year.

Our CPD training and development resources include short courses and longer accredited programmes. CIPFA aims to help you meet CPD requirements with tailored support. See our training pages and events database for details.

CIPFA employer accreditation

  • Members who work for CIPFA Platinum Accredited or CIPFA CPD Accredited Employers are already part of a professional development programme that meets our CPD requirements. You will not need to complete CIPFA’s CPD Learning and Development records, or maintain a portfolio of evidence. Your appraisals are adequate.
  • Members who work for CPD accredited employers do need to complete an Annual Members’ Statement confirming CPD participation.
  • Members must keep their employer details up to date in 'My CIPFA'.
  • Find out how your employer can apply for accreditation.
  • Learn more about our accreditation scheme and download our application form.
  • Confirm your participation.
  • Every year, members must complete the CPD declaration section in the Annual Members’ Statement. This is to confirm participation or exemption from the CIPFA CPD scheme. Complete the statement by logging into 'My CIPFA.

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Benefits of CPD


The CIPFA CPD scheme benefits members and their employers

CIPFA CPD also assures the public that Chartered Public Finance Accountants are always developing their knowledge and skills. The CIPFA CPD scheme meets the recommendations set out by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). CIPFA CPD enhances the reputations of individual members and CIPFA.

Benefits to employers

Our members’ participation in your CPD scheme means your organisation can demonstrate that it:

  • provides an appropriate level of service
  • is committed to professional competence and development
  • wishes to assure customers that public finance professionals deliver the possible service
  • supports and links to staff development schemes

Participation in a work-based scheme may count towards your CIPFA CPD scheme hours. CIPFA CPD will help you further your career. Employers increasingly ask prospective employees how they plan to continue to develop professional competence. Participation in the CIPFA CPD scheme is a recognised and effective way of demonstrating this commitment.

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