CIPFA Professional Accountancy Qualification gets independently benchmarked

The CIPFA Professional Accountancy Qualification (PAQ) has recently undergone benchmarking by Ecctis to ensure the modules within it meet the comparable standards set out in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

The RQF accredits qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is jointly regulated by England’s regulator Ofqual, Wales’ DCELLS and Northern Ireland’s CCEA. The RQF includes a number of levels, which range from entry level up to the most advanced Level 8.

Having a qualification that has been independently benchmarked against the RQF gives students vital assurance about what level they will be studying at, the quality of the course, and that its content is of an appropriately high quality.

Ecctis is a leading provider of services in the recognition and evaluation of qualifications and skills. They carried out an independent analysis of the PAQ and have confirmed that the modules contained in it are comparable to the following RQF standards:

  • The CIPFA Certificate in Management and Financial Accounting was found to be comparable to RQF Level 4, delivering a fundamental base of knowledge and skills that can be applied to a range of finance and accounting contexts.
  • The Diploma in Financial Management and Audit was found to be comparable to RQF Level 5 and demonstrates a progression in terms of knowledge and skills from those specified in the Certificate. At this stage, students are required to understand different approaches or schools of thought in accounting and finance and the reasoning behind them.
  • The Diploma in Governance, Risk and Taxation was found comparable to RQF Level 6. The Diploma covers many of the subject-specific knowledge and skills areas that would be examined at the same level of a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
  • The Diploma in Public Financial Management, Reporting and Advanced Audit and the Diploma in Public Financial Management, Reporting and Business Change were found to be comparable with RQF Level 7. This would equate to a postgraduate or master’s degree level.

Find out more about the RQF and Ecctis.

“CIPFA are delighted to have the PAQ externally evaluated, demonstrating the quality and value standard of our public finance management training. This will exemplify the worth of the PAQ qualification within the UK and highlight its standard on the global platform.”

Anna Howard, Head of Qualifications and Membership at CIPFA