Financial Management (FM) exam tips from CIPFA’s examiners

Following the results of FM exams throughout 2022, we have collated feedback and observations from our lead markers and would like to share them to support you in your next sitting of the exam.

Firstly, it was reported that the students who failed tended to avoid answering all the questions and sub requirements. Those who had a strong performance typically completed the full exam paper, so we recommend attempting every question, even if you are unsure.

Marks were also missed by those who presented information poorly or not at all. Ensure that you show all calculations in an organised format and label all tables clearly.

The examiners commented that they were able to distinguish between students who had revised the syllabus and had attempted the progress, mock and specimen exam papers and those who had not. Preparation and revision for exams can be decisive to the pass rate, so we suggest using those resources, which can be found on the learning and assessment platforms.

As for the content of the exams, students continue to display a good knowledge of investment appraisal and working capital management, but overall understanding of pricing and foreign currency, risk management and hedging was weaker. We suggest you revisit those topics if you are at all unsure.

Finally, the next FM exam sitting is in December, and you can book online until 29 October 2022. After this date, late fees will apply. We wish you the best of luck!

CIPFA Assessment team