Classification of community safety expenditure


Possible inconsistency of expenditure classification relating to Community Safety was raised during a review of the Local Financial Returns.

LASAAC consulted on the matter and following feedback agreed that:

  • Any change which impacted on the Grant Aided Expenditure analysis used for funding distribution would require the agreement of the Settlement & Distribution Group. This would require a longer term approach with an appropriate evidence base.
  • Increased consistency in the treatment of Community Safety expenditure in the short term would however de desirable.
  • Interim guidance to support more consistency, without affecting funding distribution arrangements, should be issued

Consequently LASAAC has issued guidance which provides guidance on the definition of Community Safety expenditure and, in summary, specifies that:

  • There should be no change to the classification of Community Safety expenditure or income which is currently recorded by an authority under either Trading Standards or Environmental Health
  • All other material Community Safety expenditure and income should be classified as:
    General Fund Housing [Private Sector Housing Renewal]

LASAAC Guidance Classification of Community Safety Expenditure FINAL

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