Code Of Practice On Public Sector Pensions: Finance Knowledge And Skills

Code of practice on LGPS finance knowledge and skills


The updated Code of Practice on LGPS Knowledge and Skills for 2021 provides an overview of the standards that all CIPFA members must adhere to when administering and managing pension funds and benefits on behalf of employees and scheme members. This also includes a focus on the increasing need for knowledge and skills for all parties involved and ongoing maintenance of this knowledge.







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Legislative change in recent years such as MiFID II has heightened the requirement for thorough knowledge and skills in the administration and management of LGPS funds. New statutory guidance by MHCLG following the Scheme Advisory Board's Good Governance Review has reinforced this, and it is the intention of this Code of Practice to convey changes to LGPS operations at both local and national levels.

In addition to supplying all CIPFA professional members with their responsibilities, this Code of Practice will serve to support the wider LGPS community and those who apply its regulations and guidance. It is complemented by the new Knowledge and Skills Framework for LGPS Committee Members and LGPS Officers.

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