Financial Management Code

Financial Management Code


The Financial Management Code (FM Code) provides guidance for good and sustainable financial management in local authorities. By complying with the principles and standards within the code authorities will be able to demonstrate their financial sustainability.
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This publication is available as part of a series of packages put together by CIPFA that support local authorities in building a financially sustainable future. Our support includes the FM Code Guidance Notes, a conference, webinars and a bespoke workshop.

Strong financial management is an essential part of ensuring public sector finances are sustainable. The Financial Management Code (FM Code) provides guidance for good and sustainable financial management in local authorities and will provide assurance that authorities are managing resources effectively.

It requires authorities to demonstrate that the processes they have in place satisfy the principles of good financial management. The FM Code identifies risks to financial sustainability and introduces a framework of assurance. This framework is built on existing successful practices and sets explicit standards of financial management. Complying with the standards set out in the FM Code is the collective responsibility of elected members, the chief finance officer and their professional colleagues in the leadership team. Complying with the FM Code with help strengthen the framework that surrounds financial decision making.

The FM Code built on elements of other CIPFA codes during its development and its structure and applicability will be familiar to users of publications such as The Prudential Code for Capital Finance, Treasury Management in the Public Sector Code of Practice and Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom. 

The code applies to all local authorities, including police, fire and other authorities. 

By following the essential aspects of the FM Code, local authorities are providing evidence to show they are meeting important legislative requirements in their jurisdictions. 

The first full year of compliance will be 2021/22. This reflects the recognition that organisations will need time to reflect on the contents of the code and can use 2020/21 to demonstrate how they are working towards compliance.

This publication is only available online. It comes with a user licence that covers everyone in your organisation and should be used in conjunction with the FM Code Guidance Notes.

Financial management is more than a publication

The FM Code is available as part of a comprehensive package of support covering the FM Code, FM Code Guidance Notes, workshops, webinars and a conference. Find out more by visiting our support packages page containing Gold and Silver options.

CIPFA Publications subscribers, as part of their subscription, automatically access the two FM Code titles plus further support through three FM Code webinars. Additionally, subscribers can purchase a place at our FM Code conference  (various locations throughout 2020) and also in-house FM Code workshops.

Details of licensing arrangements for other categories of purchaser, which includes those organisations operating shared service arrangements, are available from CIPFA’s Publications Department.

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