Insourcing in the Public Sector: A Practical Guide (2022 edition)

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This publication is aimed at practitioners and advisors to public sector organisations. It provides a detailed overview of the key stages involved before, during and after insourcing to help organisations arrive at the right decision as to whether insourcing is for them.







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The guide is an information source for public bodies to help widen their understanding of insourcing and support internal discussion on whether services should be brought back in-house and, if so, how they should be brought back in. In recent times, several outsourced arrangements have failed due to poor quality and unreliability of providers. It is important to note that while insourcing does not require a public body to run a full procurement process, it still needs to follow a process and undertake key steps (for example, TUPE and asset transfer) and is equally reliant on the public body having expert and skilled personnel to manage this.

This practical guide will support public sector practitioners in understanding key areas to focus on when considering insourcing as part of future delivery models.

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