Accountability, performance and transformation: learning from the CIPFA FM Model


Strong financial management ensures that public money is used well, and is made to stretch as far as possible. This Insight looks at how CIPFA’s FM Model has helped CFOs and leadership teams stay in control of their financial strategy and remain resilient.








For nearly a decade, public financial management has been built on shifting sands. In a period when the public finances in many countries are under significant pressure, and amid increasing expectations from citizens, public sector organisations must now, more than ever, ensure that their finances are well run, with costs well-managed and value for money maximised, in order to support the delivery of long-term plans and change programme benefits. 

Boards, chief executives and their management teams need to be on top of everything that they can control, in order to ensure their organisations are financially and operationally resilient and that they can deliver their agreed outcomes in the short, medium and longer term.  

This Insight looks at lessons learned from CIPFA’s FM Model in helping the delivery of excellent public finance and within the context of the whole systems approach.