Compliance monitoring in council buildings Scotland


This publication helps local authorities to understand areas where compliance monitoring is required to ensure that buildings under their control comply with statutory and regulatory standards.






CIPFA Property


Councils have a duty to ensure that buildings under their control comply with appropriate statutory, regulatory and corporate standards. Councils now regularly face challenges in terms of their ability to control and manage what goes on in buildings that they own, and which are used by staff or clients for which they have legal responsibility.

It is essential that the property manager puts in place robust procedures, processes and documentation and ensures that they are implemented and followed. Periodic audits and inspections are an effective way to ensure that regulatory compliance is being met.

This document highlights the key areas where some sort of compliance monitoring is required, along with some background information. It establishes the status of each area (eg statutory, recommended good practice), suggests good practice frequencies and provides links to further information.

This document is not a legal document and should be read as a guidance note for those responsible for the management of local authority buildings. The aim of the document is to provide a summary of relevant responsibilities and to assist premises managers to organise appropriate testing and inspection of systems and equipment within their premises.