Evaluating preventative investments in public health in England


In this report, PHE and CIPFA argue that a culture change in the way local organisations evaluate long-term investment in prevention is key to making the most of the proposed shift to Integrated Care Systems by 2021.








Given the current climate and demands on public services and their budgets, there is a growing consensus that a stronger case needs to be made for preventative interventions, in order to compete with other priorities for valuable resources. With the policy agenda focused firmly on population health, integration of services and prevention, the time to make this case is now. 

This report was developed following a series of round-table discussions with a local government and health experts, which highlighted current commissioning challenges.

Together, CIPFA and PHE are seeking to improve the evaluation of preventative investments by starting a conversation that leads to new ways of working across systems, and for entire communities. Working closely with stakeholders and experts, we have brought together the tools, resources and ideas that we hope will shift thinking and be a catalyst for change in the near future.