Performance tracker: data-driven analysis of the performance of government (autumn 2017)


Performance Tracker provides a data-driven assessment of the government’s performance in one crucial area – running public services. This second edition focuses on GPs, hospitals, adult social care, schools, the police, criminal courts, prisons, neighbourhood services and UK visas and immigration.






CIPFA/Institute for Government


This is the second analysis of its kind and builds on the previous edition produced in February 2017. Performance Tracker assesses performance in the light of the government’s stated ambitions to maintain – and in some cases expand – the scope and quality of services, and to control spending. 

The Institute for Government and CIPFA aim to help make government more effective. It is fundamental to its effectiveness that ministers, officials and the public know how well government is performing, and use this information to guide decisions. This analysis reveals the key decision points that the chancellor faces in the run-up to his first Autumn Budget in November 2017.