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Pre comprehensive spending review


Substantial cuts have affected the public sector since the Comprehensive Spending Review in 2010. This CIPFA Briefing looks to the 2015 Spending Review and highlights some of the main areas of concern and key financial risks facing public services in the medium term.








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It has continued to be a very challenging time for the public sector since the Comprehensive Spending Review in 2010. Those who manage the public purse have had to deal with substantial cuts to funding coupled with an increased demand for many statutory services. 

With expected funding reductions of as much as 30% in the 2015 Spending Review, it is likely the pressure on services will only increase as providers find their resources stretched even further. CIPFA consulted its members and internal policy experts on what their biggest areas of concern are ahead of the 2015 Spending Review. 

This CIPFA Briefing outlines the results which include a reduction in confidence in the ability to deliver services, a forecast increase in adult social care demand, more organisations using reserves and the need for clarification on proposals on business rate retention.