The long downturn


This publication provides a commentary on the current state of the UK economy. Beginning with the growth forecasts, ambitions and policies set by the Coalition Government in 2010 it moves on to what needs to happen in the future, concluding that the worst may still be yet to come.








The Long Downturn begins with a statistical analysis of the recession from the Government’s plans and forecasts in 2010 up until the time when the budget deficit is likely to be eliminated.

The Long Downturn is an indirect follow up to the CIPFA and Society of Local Authority Chief Executive’s report After the Downturn which was published in 2009. That report outlined three key areas where the Government can take steps to manage spending cuts and mitigate the damage they herald. This publication reports on how successful the Government has been in taking these steps.

The publication suggests what the Government can learn from its efforts so far to deliver savings and reduce public spending including the need for increased collaboration and a focus on the importance of skilled public sector staff.

Finally, the publication looks ahead to the future success of the recovery. It points to developments in the Eurozone and the state of public support for austerity as the two main factors which can cause a recovery to fail.