Unlocking potential: Realising the role of local charities in public service delivery

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Public bodies have in recent years attempted to use the commissioning process to harness the specific insights and best practice that flourishes in local charities. Unlocking Potential takes a fresh look at the interface between the charity and public sectors.








Unlocking Potential considers the factors that may prevent greater involvement of charities and voluntary organisations in the provision of public services and the triggers, including the pandemic, that may now lead authorities to think differently. The report follows research undertaken by CIPFA on how local authorities have been engaging with the charity and voluntary sector and has been informed by the work of the Charities and Public Benefit Entities Faculty Board.

There are substantial benefits in involving local charities and voluntary organisations in public services delivery and this publication considers these benefits. Unlocking Potential recognises the progress already made by local authorities. Building on this it looks at options for improving this interaction and the potential benefits that can be achieved.