Rogo Guidance

The following guidance supports students who are sitting an exam in Rogo:

Frequently asked questions



What is the Technical Test?

Technical Test - Remote Invigilation

Undertaking a quick, system and equipment check is a requirement for all students who have booked their exam with remote invigilation. 

Students will be granted access to three tests for a three-week period to ensure their laptop/computer is set up correctly for the exam.

Students that successfully complete the first test do not need to to take the second and third tests unless the laptop/computer being used for the exam is changed.

Students can access the tests by logging into their Rogo Exams account, where the can be found under Assignments. A test should take no more than five minutes.

Further guidance on completing your technical test can be found on the CIPFA website.



Who will invigilate my exam?

Online exams are supervised by remote invigilation service Rogo.

When is my exam?

Once you have booked your exam you will need to schedule a start time in Rogo. Your start time should be scheduled at least five working days hours before your exam.

Exam start times may only be scheduled within the following parameters.

When can I start my exam?

Morning exam session: earliest start time 08:00 local time and latest start time 12:00 local time

Afternoon exam session: earliest start time 12:00 local time and latest start time16:00 local time

How to schedule an exam

For further guidance on how to schedule your exam please use the link below:

Exam scheduling in Rogo

What can I take into the exam room?

The following items are permitted in the exam room:

  • photo ID
  • a PC or laptop (electronic devices should have a working webcam and microphone)
  • a pen, pencil and rubber
  • a scientific calculator (that does not connect to the internet)
  • four sheets (eight sides) of blank paper
  • a mirror
  • a drink (a water bottle with no labels or a clear glass of water is recommended)
  • smartphones are allowed in the exam room but must be turned off and out of reach
  • monitors and screens that are not attached to the exam (these must be switched off)

The following items are NOT permitted in the exam room:

  • smart watches
  • monitors and screens that are not attached to the exam are allowed in the room, but must be switched off and out of arms reach
  • unauthorised materials such as books, dictionaries, notepads, magazines, post-it notes must be removed from the exam space (please note that this does not pertain to SCS Advance Material or the four sheets (eight sides) of blank paper that all students are entitled to)
  • unauthorised web pages, web extensions or software
  • candidates are also prohibited from using any unauthorised web extensions or software during their exam

Are toilet breaks permitted during the exam?

Yes, but you will need to inform your invigilator via the chat box that you require a toilet break. Once you've returned, you will be asked to provide a 360° view of your workspace. The timer will not be stopped during this time.

Who should I contact if there is an issue during my exam?

Should you encounter any technical difficulties please telephone +44 (0) 207 543 5600.

Our lines are open from Monday-Friday, 08:00-18:00 (UK time) during exams week.

If there is a major disturbance during your exam (eg a fire alarm), you may leave the exam space. If possible, please notify your invigilator before exiting. Once the disruption is over you should contact the invigilator to restart the exam.

If there is a minor disturbance (eg a ringing doorbell), please try to ignore this and continue with your exam. In the unlikely event that you are unable to return to the exam, please contact us at

Can I apply for a deferral?

Students looking to cancel their exams will need to formally apply for a deferral. We will only consider deferrals that meet one of the following criteria:

  • medical
  • bereavement
  • local emergency

Apply for a deferral