Academies consultancy

CIPFA offers a range of consultancy support and tailored services for multi-academy trusts.

Trust directors, governors and management benefit through CIPFA’s unique knowledge of public finance. Our work championing and supporting sound financial management and governance is unparalleled in the public services – and now in the academies sector.

Managing finances needs to be a whole-of-organisation function with the board, governors, CEOs/principals and senior leadership teams all having a key role to play. This can require a change in both culture and behaviour.

In the face of funding constraints, alongside increasing demands on education provision, many academies are forming multi-academy trusts (MATs), or working in collaboration, to ensure they share best practice and are viable in the future. These structures can be complex and need robust financial management and governance.   


CIPFA can help you with the business of managing an academy or MAT, from our consultancy service through to our Academies Hub and the insight of CIPFA Thinks. We offer full support and guidance to single academies and MATs. We can: 

  • improve your financial management and financial security
  • expand or collaborate on MAT structures 
  • instigate recovery planning if budgets are not balanced.

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