CIPFA's consultancy service brings people together across organisations to share innovative practices and bring robust, pragmatic methods to everything we do.

Public services face unparalleled challenges over the coming years. CIPFA believes the traditional consultancy approach, which supports the sector, needs to be reinvented to meet those challenges head on.

That's why we created C.Co – a consultancy service staffed by leading practitioners from across the sector. This subsidiary, part of the CIPFA Group, benefits from CIPFA's wealth of knowledge and expertise.

C.Co services

C.Co is a value-driven service, which puts integrity, creativity and sector expertise at the heart of everything we deliver. As budgets are squeezed, we understand that price matters. We don't carry the same costs as traditional consultancy firms, which means we deliver solutions at a more affordable public sector rate, which are also IR35 compliant.

C.Co offers a package of services for public service reform, improvement and efficiency in the public sector. We have worked with over 100 clients across all parts of the UK including central government departments, the LGA, Local Authorities, the NHS, Police, Housing Providers, the independent/private and third sector.

The C.Co team help out with the big thinking and the heavy lifting. We pride ourselves in delivering positive change, something our clients will testify too.

C.Co offers the following consultancy services:

  • Organisation design and governance: Ensuring your organisation is fit to succeed in light of future challenges – structured to meet its core objectives, with the right accountability and responsibility at every level.
  • Research, insight and good practice: Giving you access to knowledge from our extensive experience and our partners across the sector, as well as research and development expertise to fulfil your needs.
  • Project and change management: Giving you the confidence in your change and transformation projects, enabling successful implementation and ongoing development.
  • Behaviour and culture change: Making sure your organisation's behaviours are aligned to your business outcomes for ultimate success and growth.
  • Engagement and consultation: Working with you to ensure your staff, stakeholders and communities play apart in the design of your projects and services.
  • Leadership: Helping leaders and leadership teams set direction, modernise strategy and ensure outputs are deliverable.
  • Evidence-based business cases: Providing a collaborative, transparent and robust approach to decision-making, allowing stakeholders to identify "what's in it for them" and giving you the assurance needed when considering some of your biggest challenges.
  • Business process: Ensuring your processes are effective, efficient and customer focused, ensuring everything your organisation does adds value.
  • Options analysis: Helping you to identify opportunities, assess options and ensure your decisions stand up to scrutiny.
  • Financial modelling: Assessing the current financial position of your organisation, or helping ensure your future plans are fit for purpose.
  • Commercialism: Helping public sector organisations with commercial ambition to be successful – we support all activity from embedding commercial behaviours and identifying skillsets to considering new ways of working and establishing trading companies.
  • Commissioning and contract management: Providing the confidence and assurance that your organisation's contract management and commissioning procedures are robust, effective and risk based.

Every organisation we work with is different, so we offer tailor-made services that can be designed to your brief. Find out more about C.Co services

C.Co People

We believe that well-tested theory and rigorous evidence is important, but it's irrelevant without practical delivery – and good delivery requires the right people.

Our team is made up of professionals with vast public sector experience. From change management and policy specialists to front line practitioners such as social workers, district nurses and police, we have built our organisation around two key things: our expertise and our values and beliefs.

Our trusted connections across the sector means that we are able to supplement our team with experienced colleagues, from commercial advisors and board room specialists, existing and former directors, chief executives and many more.

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