Training and mentoring

Ensuring people have the knowledge and skills needed to take action against potential corruption.

In recognition that everyone has a role to play, professional training should sit not only at practitioner level, but extend through supply and financial chains in public sector organisations. Mentoring is also instrumental in ensuring training is embedded alongside operational tasks, and that the concept of integrity is taken from theory into practice.

Providing good quality training via a variety of channels has long been held as a vital part of any organisation’s anti-corruption toolkit. This can provide basic education to staff members about the threat of fraud and corruption, and the ways it can best be identified and reported. The training can range from understanding what fraud is, through to spotting ‘red flags’, applying controls, the collection and handling of evidence, taking cases through to sanction (whether that be criminal, civil, disciplinary or regulatory) and digital recovery and discovery skills.

Mentoring in the workplace is another essential tool that is often overlooked and should be used to support the development of an inexperienced member of staff; it ensures training is embedded, and put into practice in a real-world context.

Preventing corruption, although a crime so closely related to offences of fraud and theft, still requires training and mentoring, but tailored to address additional complexities. The root causes of corruption are complex, and the criminal acts are often less obvious and harder to evidence

Examples and further resources

Specialist training from CIPFA

We offer a variety of training courses on fraud and anti-corruption themes, from webinar sessions through to accredited diplomas.

Corruption at sea

The Maritime Anti-corruption Network uses YouTube to provide simple but effective videos to educate people on the issues of corruption. The cost of corruption at sea is a short video that illustrates the importance of backing seafarers, customers, partners and the maritime industry.