Resilience index

CIPFA's Financial Resilience Index is a comparative analytical tool intended for use by Chief Financial Officers to support good financial management.

The index shows a council's position on a range of measures associated with financial risk highlighting where additional scrutiny may be required. The data for the resilience index is obtained from the Revenue Expenditure and Financing England Outturn Report 2021-22 ("RO Forms") and reflects figures submitted by Local Authorities to DLUHC as at 31 March 2022.

Explanatory Note

  • The index is based on the published data from the RO form. Where information is missing from this form it will also be missing from the index
  • 25 Local Authorities did not submit data or have submitted it later than the deadline.
  • 71 Local Authorities have no ear marked reserves data because they have yet to provide complete data for this and its sub-categories.
  • We will update the index in due course

For more detail please visit the DLUHC statistical website


Development feedback

CIPFA is looking to update the current resilience Index.

Below is a developmental draft data set that is currently being considered. We would welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Please contact