Delivering public funds into the right hands – quickly, transparently, safely.

Capita's grant management services transform disbursement for government, scheme managers and citizens with a highly-flexible digital platform, GrantIS™, which ensures compliance and delivers the best outcomes for grant schemes and applicants.

GrantIS™ is designed to address the challenges that both central and local governments face in the distribution and allocation of grant funding. Due to the sheer volume, short-term nature of, and pressure to distribute grant funding quickly, grant administration can be extremely complex and time consuming.

GrantIS not only reduces the administration time usually involved with the allocation of public sector grants – it also automates due diligence on applicants, detects errors and potential fraud and aids reporting and compliance requirements. By utilising GrantIS' data dashboards, finance managers can assess grant performance and achievement in real time, enabling authorities to create better future schemes and support their communities.

Why use GrantIS?

Streamlining grant management

The public sector grant landscape can be extremely complex for both public bodies and applicants alike. Through GrantIS, central government departments and local authorities can enable businesses and community groups to apply and receive grants in an easier and transparent manner through clear information and processes for each fund. By digitising the grant application process, applicants also have access to real time support and updates on their applications – ensuring that public money gets to the right hands as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Tackling fraud and corruption

Different levels of grant scheme users have appropriate access controls to prevent the manipulation of data. Audit logs and controls are set in place to ensure records and changes are retained, checked and monitored to prevent internal fraud. In addition, the system performs invoice and bank verification checks and auto-generates reports as payments are made to allow for validation. Due diligence on applicants also helps prevent and detect external fraud.

Key features

  • set up and launch new grant schemes in hours
  • halve the operational costs of fund management and speed up disbursement
  • enable individual and organisational applicants to easily search and apply for grant funding
  • track, monitor and report on applications for end-to-end transparency
  • minimise fraud with AI-powered anti-fraud tools
  • access scheme performance insights to strengthen future decision making

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