TISonline Budgeting

This TISonline information stream is a guide to various aspects of budgeting management within the public sector, including guidance on planning, preparation, presentation, management and control of the budget.

TISonline Budgeting is aimed at finance practitioners who have a particular interest in budgetary management. Identifying the key principles and core practical objectives of good budgetary management, and explaining the main types of budgetary model operating in the public sector, this information stream is a useful tool that will help organisations in the preparation of their budgets.

The information stream covers capital and revenue budgets, and examines the environment in which objectives are identified and pursued, and the reasons why they may not be achieved.

TISonline Budgeting discusses topics such as:

  • the definition and objectives of budgeting theory
  • budgetary models
  • the basics of budgeting
  • roles, responsibilities, framework and procedures for managing the budget
  • budgeting strategy and financial planning
  • capital expenditure budgets
  • external environment to budgeting 
  • cross-sectoral issues in local government, the NHS and central government.

About TISonline

This information stream forms part of TISonline, CIPFA’s online information resource for public sector finance practitioners. Our information streams cover the full range of financial and service functions of local authorities and other public service bodies, giving you a single point of access for essential, authoritative and comprehensive information and commentary on the topics that matter to you.

How to access this service

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