TISonline Government Grants and Business Rates Retention

This TISonline information stream explains the local government funding system for England and Wales and provides details of each year’s funding settlement, including the main specific grants.

TISonline Government Grants and Business Rates Retention will help you keep up to date with the move towards full business rates retention as the new funding system develops. It considers each component of the system and shows how they are calculated and work together.

It also provides an overview of the formula grant model, explaining the formulae for each service area, and the role of the model in the current system. Details are included on the main specific grants such as New Homes Bonus, Dedicated Schools Grant and the Better Care Fund.

The information stream is aimed at all those who need to understand the funding of local authorities in England and Wales as well as police forces and fire and rescue authorities.

Coverage includes:

  • current developments
  • the business rates retention system
  • tariffs, top-ups, levies and safety nets
  • pooling
  • business rates appeals
  • the formula grant model and relative needs formulae
  • specific grants
  • police funding
  • funding system in Wales
  • settlements, capping and council tax referendums
  • reviews of the funding system.

About TISonline

This information stream forms part of TISonline, CIPFA’s online information resource for public sector finance practitioners. Our information streams cover the full range of financial and service functions of local authorities and other public service bodies, giving you a single point of access for essential, authoritative and comprehensive information and commentary on the topics that matter to you.

How to access this service

If your organisation already subscribes to this TISonline information stream, you can access it simply by registering and logging on at www.cipfa.org/tisonline using a work email address.

To set up a new subscription, complete the order form below and email it to E: customerservices@cipfa.org.


Subscribe and you’ll benefit from:

  • access for everyone in your organisation through a single subscription
  • regularly updated guidance by practitioners working in your sector
  • up-to-date information that keeps you informed on public sector finance issues
  • e-alert services to let you know when new guidance is available in your areas of interest
  • discussion forums for peer support, advice and sharing ideas.

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