FM Model version 4 - terms and conditions

1 Terms and conditions

These additional terms and conditions must be read with the website terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions of sale available on our website. By using our website you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the relevant terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all the relevant terms and conditions in their entirety, you must not use our website or order any product or service through the website.

2 Usage

The Model is not to be used by any third party or sub-contractor on behalf of the purchase organisation. The Model cannot be purchased by a third party to be used on another organisation.

3 FM Model - legal notice terms of use

These terms apply to you while accessing the site, uploading content, setting up or completing the FM Model assessment or reviewing data and reports. You are responsible for bringing these terms to the attention of anyone who may access material on this site as a result of you.

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4 Additional terms for subscribers

The Model is only to be used as an assessment tool by the organisation who has purchased the subscription.

The Subscriber shall not translate or adapt the Model for any purpose nor arrange or create derivative works based on the Model without the express written consent of CIPFA.

The Subscriber shall not transfer or distribute (whether by licence, loan, rental, sale or otherwise) all or any part of the Model to any other person.

The Subscriber shall not make for any purpose, including (without limitation) for error correction, any alterations, modifications, additions or enhancements to the Model except as specifically described in the Documentation nor permit the whole or any part of the Model to be combined with or become incorporated in any other program, Model or website.

5 Damage to your computer or other device

CIPFA uses reasonable efforts to ensure that this website is free from viruses and other malicious or harmful content. However, we cannot guarantee that your use of this website (including any content on it or any website accessible from it) will not cause damage to your computer or other device.

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6 System requirements

The optimal system requirements for using the model are: any standard PC, tablet running IE9 or higher equivalent.

7 Additional information

If you require any further information regarding the FM Model address your enquiry to