Diploma in Public Sector Asset Management

Diploma in Public Sector Asset Management

A jointly delivered property qualification from CIPFA and the Association of Chief Estates Surveyors (ACES) to support property professionals develop themselves and support their organisations.

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Please ensure you select all seven modules for the full diploma. (Please do not book individual modules for study online, instead contact property@cipfa.org if you wish to study one or more modules individually.)

About the course

CIPFA and ACES recognise the importance asset management plays in the effective delivery of public sector services in the UK.

Following a significant period of austerity and budget cuts across most services key skills and experience of managing public assets has been lost. It is essential for the resilience of public sector organisations and the delivery of efficient public services that its infrastructure is expertly managed. Property professionals need access to learning and development to support their own organisations and to develop their skills and careers.

As a response, CIPFA Property and ACES have developed a Diploma in Public Sector Asset Management. Seven distinct, but related modules, cover the key areas of public sector asset management. Students can increase their professional knowledge and expertise in this vital area with an accredited course delivered by expert trainers in the field of public sector asset management.

What the course covers

Studying the full diploma will give you the key skills and knowledge to embark on a career in public sector asset management. The seven modules cover the key aspects of public sector asset management delivery with an emphasis on the need to think and act strategically in a corporate context. It is an ideal qualification for those entering public sector property roles or those linking to property issues in the course of their existing roles.

Whilst the diploma can only be attained by completing all seven modules and successfully passing the end of course examination, each module is discreet and can be taken independent of other modules to help fill specific knowledge gaps. The Diploma, and its modules, is entirely web-based using the CIPFA online learning environment.

Who is the course aimed at?

The diploma is an ideal qualification for those involved in property asset management within a public sector setting. These include but are not limited to:

  • property staff new to the public sector or new to asset management
  • new starters with little or no previous training
  • staff in other areas who may be involved in strategic property activity i.e. finance professionals and key clients from services
  • more experienced property staff who have specific knowledge gaps or would like a more comprehensive understanding of a particular area.


The diploma is delivered as open training on specific dates over a four month period. All modules are conducted live with experts from both CIPFA Property and ACES with whom the diploma is jointly delivered. Every module is available on two separate dates to provide flexibility.

Course outline

Below is a summary of the course modules. Please download the course brochure for full details.

  • Strategic Asset Management Organisation
  • Development of Documentation and Asset Management Challenge
  • Business Case Development and Option Appraisal
  • Capital Projects and Maintenance
  • Data and Performance
  • Operational vs Non-Operational Property
  • Asset Management Today


Pre-reading is minimal, and each module will be assessed immediately following completion online. On completion of all seven modules a final assessment will be undertaken. This will be a written assignment in which you will demonstrate your understanding of the content taught and your ability to apply it to your own work practices.

For both the end of module assessments and final assessment, your tutor will be on hand to provide support and guide you. On completion of all seven modules and the related assessments, you will be awarded the CIPFA Diploma in Public Sector Asset Management jointly by CIPFA and ACES.

This course carries 33 CPD hours

All CIPFA training counts towards your continuing professional development (CPD). If you are a CIPFA Chartered Member, you are required to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of relevant CPD activity each year as part of maintaining your professional competence and to develop skills and knowledge.

Find out more about CPD requirements.

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