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CIPFA Wales Annual Conference


21 November, Radisson Blu, Cardiff

The annual gathering of public finance professionals will take place again in Cardiff in November 2019. Public Finance Live Wales will take place three weeks after the date at which the constitutional position of the UK within the EU is expected to be resolved. Against that backdrop however public finances still need to be carefully managed and scrutinised. 

The Welsh public finance professional will still need to be armed with the necessary skills and information to navigate the challenges both current and in the future.

The programme for the day addresses the key areas which will shape the success of our public services: Financial Resilience and Trust, Data and Technology, People and Places, and Talent and Skills.

The day closes with the traditional CIPFA Wales programme of evening entertainment. As ever the prestigious CIPFA Wales Public Finance Awards will represent the highlight. The ceremony will be held after the annual conference dinner. You will shortly be able to nominate colleagues and teams for these prestigious awards.



Welcome to the Public Finance Live 2019 from:

  • Rebecca Nelson – President of CIPFA CYMRU Wales
  • Carolyn Williamson – CIPFA President


Plenary Sessions


Keynote Address

Mark Drakeford AM – First Minister, Wales


Restoring Trust

Adrian Crompton – Auditor General, Wales Audit Office

One year into post the Auditor General assesses how trust in public services can be restored for the people of Wales.


Refreshments & Exhibition


The Workforce of the Future

Dr Chris Jones – Chair, HEIW

HEIW are planning and training the workforce for the future.  Dr Chris Jones will provide his thoughts on how professions might change and what has happened so far.


Break out workshops


Sponsored workshop


A Digital Tomorrow: The Risks of Today

This leading risk management organisation offers a lively overview of the likely links between the public finances and digital technology.  In order to maximise the expected future benefits, risk and governance must keep pace with the fast paced changing environment. We will look at the key areas you should be considering based on recent evidence gathered from the public sector.

Alix Bedford - Zurich

Sponsored by Zurich

The Financial Management Code

From April 2020 a new Code will be introduced in Wales, an opportunity to begin your planning

Jo Pitt – CIPFA


Lunch & Exhibition

13.40 After Lunch Welcome and Presentation on Safeguarding the Future

Rebecca Nelson – President of CIPFA CYMRU Wales


The 21st Century Finance Professional 

Rebecca Richards – Director, NHS Wales Finance Academy

The Public Finance award winners for 2019 in financial training and development came from Wales outshining all other entries from all over the UK.


Break out workshops


Sponsored workshop



Delivering Better Outcomes for Less: The Productivity Challenge

For years the public sector has been successfully tackling austerity and significant budget cuts, largely by focussing on efficiency. Conventional wisdom has dictated that public sector leaders must drive down unit costs, streamline processes, reorganise and rationalise. While such supply side measures might work in the short term, without tackling demand and understanding the real drivers of productivity, long-term outcomes can be poor. IMPOWER’s work reveals that there is a more rewarding and sustainable way to address the fiscal challenges that public sector leaders face. In our new book, The EDGEWORK Manifesto, we make the case for a new approach to public sector leadership by truly understanding complexity and reframing the challenges through a productivity lens. Better outcomes can cost less.

Martin Creswell & Amy Crowson IMPOWER Consulting Limited

Public Finance Masterclass

An essential short guide to the current financial reporting and accounting issues impacting on the public sector, including the ongoing debate about the clarity and suitability of public sector financial statements, and the practical challenges of implementing the new leases accounting standard.

David Ellis – CIPFA 


Refreshment & Exhibition


Plenary Sessions


The Council that Failed: The Northamptonshire Council

Brian Roberts – Commissioner and Council Doctor

The fascinating story of the fall and rise of a major public body with lessons to be earned for every professional and every politician.


Regional Governance

Session synopsis coming soon

Rebecca David-Knight - Director, Public Governance Wales


Is Government Performing?

Graham Atkins – Researcher, Institute for Government

Is this a question that can be answered? Yes! the widely acclaimed IfG work with CIPFA each year to assess performance – hear the most recent results.


Close of Conference followed by Fringe Event

Rebecca Nelson – President of CIPFA CYMRU Wales

17.05 Fringe Event – The Future of Workplace Well Being – The Opportunities and Challenge

Andrew Tamplin – Canna Consulting

Andrew Tamplin, Wellbeing Director talks about the future of well being in the workplace. Creating 'Well' people for 'Well' workplaces



Evening Drinks Reception

Hosted by Rebecca Nelson, President


CIPFA Wales Annual Conference Dinner


CIPFA Wales Public Finance Awards

The Wales Public Finance Awards.
Hosted by tbc