Unleash the Power of Procurement to Deliver Better Public Services Conference

How the public sector can unleash the power of procurement to help create financially resilient and future-proof public services.

Conference summary

Date: 16 May

Location: ICAEW (auditorium), London

In times of rising costs and demand as well as reduced budgets, it’s not just about how much money public bodies have but how they use it. Increasing financial resilience through robust procurement ultimately drives social value and improves community outcomes. But from rising inflation to an increasing focus on sustainability – how can local authorities tackle the challenges that lie ahead. 

This free conference provides CFOs, as well as senior risk management and procurement professionals working in this specialist area with expert insight and knowledge on how to strategically use procurement as a key lever to help protect financial resilience. Registration starts at 8.30 and the event will finish at 15.30.

Who should attend? 

Senior leaders and procurement specialists in local government.

How will I benefit from attending the event?

  • Learn about how to effectively use procurement to meet the challenges faced by the sector
  • Discover how the public sector and private sector can work together for better procurement outcomes
  • Find out more about the new procurement regulations and the impact they will have on you
  • Networking opportunity with fellow local authorities and private sector professionals