Whistleblowing e-learning

A two-hour e-learning course for staff and managers who need to understand what whistleblowing is, what rights should be afforded to whistleblowers and the responsibilities of managers.


All CIPFA members are entitled to a 10% discount

About the e-learning

This e-learning course offers a comprehensive overview of whistleblowing:

  • What it is (and isn’t)
  • When and to whom individuals should report concerns of misconduct
  • What you can expect as a whistleblower, including how you will be protected

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Who is it for?

The e-learning has been designed for all staff and managers who need to understand:

  • the rights of whistleblowers
  • the responsibilities of managers, and the organisation as a whole, with regard to reports of concerns and dealing with disclosures
  • the need for a whistleblowing policy and its main content.

Course content

  • The need for a whistleblowing policy and its main content
  • A definition of the term whistleblower
  • The confidentiality of the whistleblowing process
  • Who is protected by the whistleblowing legislation and who is not?
  • Legal protection for a qualifying disclosure
  • The interpretation of the public interest test
  • The difference between whistleblowing and a grievance
  • Protection from detriment, and good faith behaviours
  • The effect of gagging on whistleblowers
  • An employer’s responsibilities towards whistleblowers
  • Dealing with disclosures
  • The need for a whistleblowing policy and its main content
  • Whistleblowing and its relevance to fraud management
  • Whistleblowing and the regulated financial sector
  • References
  • End of course quiz


There is a short (un-timed) knowledge quiz at the end of the training. You will need to achieve 80% to be awarded the certificate of completion and can take the quiz as many times as needed.

How is it delivered?

The e-learning is delivered online via CIPFA’s online learning environment. Detailed joining instructions will be sent to you.

How long will it take to complete?

The e-learning will take around two hours to complete, and you will have access to the learning materials for three months.


The e-learning costs £49 + VAT.

All CIPFA members are entitled to a 10% discount.

If you wish to purchase multiple courses on behalf of an organisation, please contact us: +44 (0)20 7543 5600

The e-learning carries 2 CPD hours

All CIPFA training counts towards your continuing professional development (CPD). If you are a CIPFA Chartered Member, you are required to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of relevant CPD activity each year as part of maintaining your professional competence and to develop skills and knowledge.

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