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Effective Contract Management

A one-day training course delivered by subject matter experts, at your location.

How to book

Contact us on E: or T: 020 7543 5600.

About the programme

Inadequate contract management can lead to significant organisational and personal risk for those who are responsible for managing contracts. Good contract management not only manages risk, it offers significant improvements and/or savings.

This one-day training course aims to give you the basic knowledge and tools you need to manage contracts, deal with problems in delivery or relationships and improve value for money.

Who is it for?

The course is specifically designed for those who are not contract management specialists.

Format and duration

The course includes facilitated group discussions and exercises using case studies and examples.

The day normally begins at 09:30 and ends at 16:00 with breaks for lunch and refreshments. This can be adjusted, depending on your needs.

Extend your learning

If you are interested in developing your knowledge further, have a look at our Certificate in Contract Management programme.

Course content

Below is the typical course outline, which can be tailored to meet your and your team’s needs.

Setting the scene

  • The contract management systems you and other delegates use.
  • The professional help available.
  • The importance of contract management to the organisation and the individual, including managing personal risk.
  • Jargon-busting some of the common but obscure terms used in contracting.

Definitions of contracts and contract management

  • Defining what contracts are, how they work and how they can go wrong.
  • An overview of the whole contracting process, of which contract management is a part.

Preparing your own contract management plan

  • Weighing up the scale of the contract and its risks and putting in place adequate contract management systems to maximise outcomes and minimise costs and risks.
  • Understanding the contract, the service level agreements and KPIs in place, arrangements for incentivising performance and dealing with the situation if things go wrong.
  • Getting the roles and responsibilities clear and developing a trusting working relationship with suppliers, understanding what they need from the contract.
  • Stakeholder management, carrying out an appropriate level of stakeholder analysis, communication and expectation management.

Day to day contract management

  • Measuring and managing contractor performance and dealing with problems, including using pre-agreed escalation procedures.
  • Dealing with contract claims, variations and risks.

Contract close out and handover

  • Implementing pre-planned closure or hand-over arrangements or extending a contract.

CPD hours

This course carries seven CPD hours.

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