Press release: CIPFA publishes integrating care report


CIPFA has today published a report entitled, ‘Integrating care: policy, principles and practice for places’. The report provides an overview of the changes since the Health and Care Act 2022 was introduced and discusses what integration is seeking to achieve. It considers the wider health and care landscape in the current climate and addresses the remaining challenges at place level.   

The recommendations and case studies it contains are intended to influence the development of further policy and guidance by central government, and to provide support for practitioners at local level. The purpose of the report is to help health and local government partners to find effective solutions to the challenges of health and care integration.   

Rob Whiteman, CIPFA CEO, said:   

“CIPFA embraces health and care integration but recognise that it brings with it particular challenges. As health and local government partners continue their integration journey, we remain dedicated to empowering and supporting them.   

“As always, we champion good public financial management and want to use our unique position to help find effective solutions to the financial, governance and place-based challenges around health and care integration.”  

Notes to Editor:  

Find out more or download the new publication by viewing CIPFA’s integrating care webpage.  

Earlier this year the government set out their intention for closer integration of health and through place-based partnerships, in a white paper which recognised place as the engine room for delivery and reform. Yet this raised many challenges related to public financial management and critical elements for effective collaboration across NHS and local government organisations with such different systems and cultures.  

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