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Marcel Holder Robinson, Finance Policy Manager (Governments), CIPFA

Continuous professional development (CPD) is necessary in any public sector environment. Increasingly, public finance professionals are expected to implement contemporary and effective public financial management practices in their professional environments. In recognition of this, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), has established a number of professional networks to support the development of practitioners in specific subject areas. These networks provide an effective environment to stimulate and equip practitioners with the required knowledge and skills.

Through the CIPFA professional networks, members collaborate to identify and share knowledge through a recurring cycle of professional knowledge development, dissemination, evaluation and renewal. Various continuing professional development strategies are used to enhance the knowledge and expertise of network members.  

Each CIPFA network is led by an experienced technical expert and offers exclusive events and online resources to public sector professionals. Subscribing to a network ensures participants remain current with the latest legislative developments and technical issues in the public financial management. 

Some of the networks relevant to central government are featured below:

Alternative Service Delivery Network

With continuous financial constraints, growing demand and ever increasing expectations from its stakeholders, governments have to devise new ways to deliver public services. Some innovative options include commissioning partnerships, shared services and joint ventures. 

This network provides its members with technical support and guidance on alternative service delivery arrangements, in addition to the other offerings mentioned earlier.

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Procurement and Commissioning Network

The CIPFA Procurement & Commissioning Network (CPCN) offers critical and timely guidance, materials and training on the key issues affecting public sector procurement and commissioning as they develop.

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Asset Management Planning (AMP) network

Equip yourself with the latest tools and techniques to deliver and implement robust asset management in your department. This network offers critical and timely advice, events and training on key issues affecting public sector asset management.

The AMP Network is in a unique position to support its members in delivering and demonstrating efficiency savings, aligning your asset base to new service delivery models, demonstrating value for money in the use of public assets; sharing and learning from good practice; and fostering continuous improvement.

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