Gender pay gap benchmarking

Analysis undertaken by CIPFA on the distribution of pay for public sector organisations across England shows men are paid on average 6.4% more than women.

Since 2018 large employers and public sector organisations have been required to provide information on gender pay distribution. For 2019 gender pay gap data is now available for over 10,000 companies and public sector organisations across the UK. Using this data, the CIPFA Analytics and Research team has developed an interactive analysis tool to assist in analysing these figures for public sector organisation.

The tool contains data for 393 English local authorities, including councils, police forces and fire services and allows users to compare results on all of the reported variables.

For all public sector organisations the median hourly pay is 6.4% higher for male employees, down from 7.7% in 2018. When this year's figure is broken down into authority type the smallest difference is seen for English Districts at 0.9%, while the largest gap is for police forces with 18.7%. 

The raw data has not been verified by CIPFA and represents the information provided by employers. In some cases there are outliers which may result from errors in the original submission. The original gender pay gap data has been downloaded from the government's website

CIPFA's tool takes the submitted data and shows how pay is distributed across these organisations, including data around employee bonuses and the distribution of upper and lower quartiles across genders. 

Download the CIPFA UK Gender Pay Gap Data Analysis

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