How important is asset management in helping deliver effective public services?


By Mark Poppy, CIPFA Property Training Manager

It's essential for the resilience of public sector organisations and efficient delivery of public services that its infrastructure is expertly managed. Yet following a significant period of austerity and budget cuts, key skills and experience of managing public assets have been lost. There is a renewed need for property professionals to access learning and development to support their organisations and develop their careers.

COVID-19, the importance of climate change and sustainability have brought public sector asset management to the forefront of key issues facing senior managers and politicians across the public sector. Experience and skills in managing these assets will be crucial to strategic decision-making. In light of this context, CIPFA Property and the Association of Chief Estates Surveyors (ACES) have developed the Diploma in Public Sector Asset Management.

We are offering two cohorts in 2022, starting on 12 January and again in September, with seven modules covering key areas of public sector asset management. Students can increase their professional knowledge and expertise with an accredited course delivered by experienced trainers. The diploma covers strategy, documentation, business case development, capital projects, data and performance, operational and non-operational issues and asset management today.

Whilst the diploma can only be attained by completing all seven modules and successfully passing the end of course examination, each is discreet and can be taken independent of others to help fill specific knowledge gaps. The diploma and its modules are entirely web-based, utilising CIPFA's online learning environment.

Studying the full diploma will give you the skills and knowledge to embark on a career in public sector asset management. The course places an emphasis on the need to think and act strategically in a corporate context across its distinct, but related, modules.

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