Why benchmark your Adult and Children's Social Care?


by N Burrell, Marketing Exec, Research and Analytics, CIPFA 

Benchmarking is a standard against which quality can be measured. It helps structure how best practice is identified and achieved, resulting in changes that bring about improved services.

Gain a deeper understanding

Comparing yourself against a national average is one way to find out how you are performing, but it’s not always the best comparison. Services vary greatly depending on organisation size, service costs, available resource and function. 

CIPFA benchmarking use unique data, supplied by our club members. It is validated and reviewed for accuracy. Data is supplied through completed questionnaires to create a rich data source, from which our members can raise standards by identifying:

  • strengths and weaknesses
  • realistic and achievable performance levels
  • areas for improvement.

Our club members can see which similar authorities are submitting better results, providing insight and guidance to help develop plans for continued operational improvement. 

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Knowing how you perform compared with others is key to raising standards. We want to help you benchmark your adult and children's social care services and invite you to request a demonstration of our Social Care Benchmarking tool.

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