Retired membership

Qualified members who retire from employment and are 55-years-old or over can apply for retired membership. Members who retire on the grounds of ill health, regardless of age, and will not be returning to any paid employment can also apply.

Retired members reduced rate

All the benefits of membership, but you pay a reduced subscription.

Retired life membership

All the benefits of membership but you pay a one-off fee and no subscription in future years by making an additional payment equal to your current standard membership fee.

You are reminded that retired membership is only available to members who have retired from employment.  If you return to any type of employment where you are paid, whether this be salaried employment or payment for providing accountancy services, you will no longer be eligible for retired membership. 

To apply for retired membership please contact 

Please note that applications to consider a reduced subscription for the current year must be received by 30 June.