CIPFA members’ survey – a big thank you for your input

We are hugely grateful to everyone who participated in the CIPFA members’ survey, which commenced on the 20 June.


CIPFA invited 12,156 members across the UK and internationally to share their views through the bi-annual members’ survey. We received a total of 1,836 member responses.

The survey provides us with member satisfaction measures, which helps us to assess and reflect on what we are doing well and what we need to improve on. It helps us better understand how you as a member perceive CIPFA and what you think about the resources we provide.

The results

The results from the survey feed into our strategic planning and help us to shape the future direction of the Institute and inform our membership offering.

This year’s survey included free-type questions to allow members to indicate topics they would like to see within CIFPA’s webinars and training offering. Results indicated that members would like to see more training with a central government and health focus, along with leadership and personal effectiveness.

Further responses indicated a need to expand events to include a wider target audience rather than just the region in which they are taking place, as well as a need for greater international engagement.

We will be working towards these goals in the coming year, both internally and with the CIPFA regions, supporting our members and providing services that are of value.