Changes to CIPFA exams

CIPFA has recently introduced two changes that impact CIPFA students as follows.

Examination fees

From the June 2023 sitting, we will be increasing the examination fees from £110 to £120 and the strategic level papers will be increasing from £220 to £240 respectively. Our fees were last reviewed in 2018, and this most recent change brings our prices in line with the fees being charged by other professional bodies.

Local invigilation

Secondly, as of the September 2023 exams, local invigilation will no longer be a standard option for all students. Local invigilation will only be available for students in pre-approved exam centres (ATPs) or for students approved via the reasonable adjustment and extenuating circumstances process. Reasonable adjustments and extenuating circumstances can be applied for via the website, and all policies and procedures will be approved ahead of the September booking window. If a student is approved for local invigilation, their approved invigilator must be one of the following:

  • A member of HR.
  • A line manager who is from another department.

No other individuals will be able to invigilate. We will request the job title and organisational email address of the invigilator. We will also look to transfer invigilation forms online for ease of access and processing. This will include invigilation guidance and invigilator reports.

Student and employer comms regarding the change are to be created and circulated ahead of the September booking window.

Any questions?

If you have any queries regarding these changes, please contact