How to pay

Membership fees become due on 1 January each year. They should be paid promptly to ensure uninterrupted continuation of membership and access to services. You can renew your membership subscription in a number of ways.

Direct Debit

If you have a UK bank account you can set up a Direct Debit to renew your subscription at no additional charge. This will ensure continuation of your membership and avoids any difficulties that may occur when subscription communications are mislaid or overlooked. In accordance with the Direct Debit Guarantee we will notify you each November with your renewal notice of the amount to be deducted from your bank account.

Subscriptions will be collected on or around the 15th day of the month and can be collected by:

  • monthly instalments (January to June)
  • annual instalment (January)

To pay by Direct Debit please complete and return the direct debit mandate (PDF, 27KB).

View our direct debit schedule.

Credit/debit card

By logging into My CIPFA and paying by VISA (including Delta and Electron) MasterCard and Maestro. By paying online you will receive an instant receipt for your payment.

If you are paying from outside the UK, before you make payment please ensure that your card has been enabled for international payments. Your card provider will be able to confirm this.

Online banking

You can remit payment to Lloyds Bank Plc, sort code 30-92-32, account number 00786252.

Payment can also be sent by Swift and IBAN:

  • Swift BIC: LOYDGB21048
  • IBAN: GB88LOYD30923200786252

When making an online payment, please include your invoice number and membership number in the reference field.


Cheques should be made payable to 'CIPFA' with your invoice number and membership number written on the reverse.

Please note that using other methods of payment such as sterling cheques drawn on banks outside of the UK will incur additional charges. These additional charges will need to be added to the payment. CIPFA will not accept any bank charges incurred.

In countries where exchange controls are in force, you should present your renewal invoice to your bank well in advance of the due date for payment.