The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about Public Money and Management.

'PMM has a clear focus on Public Sector Financial Management and relevant impact both amongst scholars and practitioners.'
Andreas Bergmann, Chair IPSASB and Professor Zurich University of Applied Sciences

'PMM offers an opportunity for practitioners to both learn from the experience of their peers across the globe and contribute to  a wide range of public sector issues in which they have a common interest.  This is supported by a high-quality editorial policy in selecting themes of significant public interest and articles that practitioners can relate to. It also provides a virtual ‘meeting ground’ for exchanges of  ideas and approaches between the academic community and practitioners which can enhance further development of better practice public, including financial, management. This should lead to better Governance internationally, recognizing the increasing interrelationships not only between sectors, but also across countries.'
Pat Barrett AO, Australian National University, Australia 

'PMM is not just for the British and it is not just for practitioners. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the development of the contemporary public sector’.
B. Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh, USA

'PMM is essential reading for academics who wish to be informed by practice and for practitioners who wish to be informed by the most recent rigorous research. Over the past 30 years it has made a significant contribution to knowledge about all aspects of the public sector and has helped to shape the policy agenda of many countries’.
Peter M. Jackson, University of Leicester, UK

'No periodical treats its authors better or gives quicker turnaround. The articles it publishes are smart, to the point, and relentlessly timely, combing both relevance and rigor. A+ in my book!'
Fred Thompson, Willamette University, USA

'PMM is one of the few publications I receive that contains articles worth referring back to months after you first read them'.
Steve Bundred, Monitor, UK

'PMM has high impact with academics. It also has high impact with policy makers and practitioners. And it helps to create understanding and synergy between both of these worlds. Combined with its acute sense of what matters most, and its accessible format, all of this makes PMM a very valuable resource'.
Clive Grace, Solace Foundation Imprint, UK

'This is the second paper I have with PMM, and I must say I am impressed with the speed and service you provide. It is a pleasure to publish in PMM. I have also been a reader and user of PMM papers since 1996, and I think you do a superb job in finding good papers well aimed at both practitioners and academics'.
Åge Johnsen, Oslo University College, Norway

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