Housing Finance under Self-financing


Local authority housing finance underwent its biggest change for some 25 years in 2012. This publication brings together the latest guidance to assist those working in the sector to understand local authority housing finance in the new system.







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This guide is aimed at all those who need to be up to speed with local authority finance in this large and key sector, including directors and senior managers of housing within local authorities and their arm’s-length management organisations (ALMOs), councillors and ALMO board members with responsibility for the authority’s housing stock. It replaces and fully revises two previous CIPFA guides: An Introductory Guide to Housing Finance and The Guide to Housing Self-financing.

It is an essential reference and working guide for all finance professionals responsible for housing, either in the local authority or in ALMOs, and local authority corporate finance staff, especially those working on treasury management issues.

It includes the most recent changes and announcements by the government.

This guide is available in book and bookmarked PDF formats. Details of licensing arrangements for other categories of purchaser, which includes those organisations operating shared service arrangements, are available from CIPFA’s Publications Department.

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