Employer accreditation

Our accreditation scheme for employers recognises your strong commitment to the professional development and training of staff.

Why become accredited?

Gaining CIPFA accreditation as an employer demonstrates your commitment to developing a highly skilled and competent workforce. It shows that you invest in your people by supporting their professional qualification and ongoing development. Employer accreditation also makes your organisation more appealing to prospective employees, as it indicates you value training and career progression. Accreditation can boost staff retention rates and morale. Overall, it enhances your reputation as an employer that cares about nurturing talent and enabling employees to reach their full potential.

To gain employer accreditation, your organisation must have at least one active trainee working towards CIPFA membership. You'll also need evidence of supporting continuing professional development, such as Investors in People status, a training and development policy, or the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework. Accreditation covers all your Chartered CIPFA members and exempts them from submitting third party CPD evidence. In summary, CIPFA employer accreditation demonstrates your pledge to develop world-class public finance professionals.

Apply now

Any organisations interested in becoming accredited will need to download the application form. The application form needs to be submitted to the quality and compliance office: qualitycompliance@cipfa.org.

Further information

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