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A Place for Prevention

8 October, 11.00–12.15

As the peak of COVID-19 passes and lock down begins to be lifted, albeit at different rates across the UK, many are reflecting on how well prepared we were and asking what more could have been done to lessen the impact of the virus. A place-based approach to addressing health and social care could be the answer.

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Beyond COVID-19 – What's next in adult social care transformation?

7 October 2020

In a new report from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) – 'Beyond COVID: New thinking on the future of social care' – we argue that despite the massive challenges facing the sector, this is time for bold reform. In a second series of webinars, partners CIPFA, Peopletoo and SCIE explored how sustainable transformation can be achieved in order to meet the very tough challenges facing the sector. As finance, commissioning and social care practice experts, we recognise the demands facing social care leaders, as well as their aspirations to build back from COVID-19 to create a healthy and sustainable future for their communities. During this webinar critical success factors to achieving this were examined including a sustainable financial position, talented people and embedding a strengths asset based approach. Ewan King, (Deputy CEO of SCIE) both chaired and was a contributor, while Iain Baine (Director of Adult Services and Wellbeing, Calderdale Council) expanded upon some of the transformational work Calderdale are undertaking. They were joined by Maggie Kenney, CEO of Peopletoo, and CIPFA director John O'Halloran.

The future of adult social care

12 August 2020

Reform of adult social care is long overdue and remains one of the thorniest issues of the UK political landscape. COVID-19 has clearly highlighted weaknesses in the sector's resilience – and should act as a catalyst for reform. The shift in public perception of health and care services means there may never be a better time to consider what needs to be done to ensure the most vulnerable members of society are receiving the care they need. Access this webinar held on 12 August to hear an exploration of the past and present of adult social care, and what reforms must take place in a world that has been significantly changed as a result of the pandemic.

Social Care: Recovery and reform webinar after COVID-19

8 July 2020

Held on 8 July, this webinar was hosted by CIPFA, SCIE and Peopletoo and brought together strategic decision-makers across all channels of social care delivery to address pivotal aspects to the recovery and reform of children and adult social care services. CEOs, CFOs and directors of children's services explored the key challenges of commissioning, anticipating and planning for the challenges of financing social care, followed by a panel session with further insights and strategies.

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